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World Science Scholars Announces 2020 Cohort

Exceptional Students From Around the World Gear Up for New Challenges and Opportunities

New York, NY (November 20, 2020).  The World Science Scholars (WSS) program, an initiative of the World Science Festival, announces its newest class of 27 young Scholars—exceptionally talented mathematical minds, hailing from 14 countries. WSS brings Scholars together with world-renowned experts in an interdisciplinary and multi-layered online program that encourages the Scholars to explore new scientific areas in which their extraordinary skills can be applied. 

We provide some of the world’s most talented young math students with the opportunity to deepen their knowledge in a wide range of disciplines that extend far beyond pure mathematics,” said Tracy Day, WS F Co-Founder and CEO. “WSS is designed to broaden their personal horizons and open new pathways for their talents to flourish. 

The Scholars will begin a two year journey of learning and discovery with WSS faculty, including Nobel and Breakthrough Prize winners, best-selling authors, and experts working at the cutting edge of their fields, including Nobel Laureate Barry Barish, pioneering biologist Suzana Herculano-Houzel, Breakthrough Prize winner Cumrun Vafa, leading-edge biochemist Mandë Holford, and many more. Through interactive courses, live sessions, collaborative projects, and a vibrant online community, Scholars explore diverse disciplines, from neuroscience and nanotechnology to physics, climate science, and computational thinking, and grapple with groundbreaking discoveries, such as decoding the human genome, mapping the brain, and searching for black holes.  

Scholars have the unparalleled opportunity to interact directly with experts at the top of their fields through riveting lectures and live virtual discussions. Scholars also join a strong and supportive online community that encourages discussion, debate, and collaboration among the students, enabling them to forge friendships and long-lasting connections with their  peers.

Ranging in age from 14-17, the Scholars bring a variety of interests and accomplishments, in addition to their exceptional academic abilities. One student recently published an introductory textbook on epidemiology, another is using mathematics to develop a wearable EEG to monitor seizures, and a third began solving calculus equations at the age of ten.

The World Science Scholars program is made possible by a grant from the John Templeton Foundation. Students are nominated for WSS by the World Science Festival’s network of organizations and educational institutions, or can apply directly to the program. WSS’ broad, multifaceted approach identifies students from diverse communities regardless of their race, gender, ethnicity, socioeconomic class, and location. For students with innate, exceptional abilities who may lack the means or access to resources to help them reach their potential, WSS’ free high-quality digital, interactive programming can be a life-changing experience.

With the program now in its third year, the 2020 cohort brings the total number of participating students to 102, ranging in ages from 9 to 17 (at the time of admission). Upon completion of the program, Scholars become members of a growing alumni network who  maintain bonds, help support future cohorts by familiarizing new Scholars with the program and serve as informal college advisors to younger peers. Participating students are able to create an educational and social network of talented individuals that can extend well into the future.

The chart below is a full breakdown of the 2020 cohort.

Aahaan Rawal  16 Ontario, Canada  Glenforest Secondary School 
Advik Raj Basani  16 Karnataka, India  National Public School, HSR Layout, Bangalore 
Ahmed Ali  15 Al-Khor, Qatar  Al-Khor International School 
Alyssa S. Ho  16 California, USA  The California School of the Arts 
Anjola Bodunde-Segun  14 Federal Capital Territory, Nigeria  Government Day Secondary School Karu Abuja FCT 
Anushka Kulkarni  16 North Carolina, USA  Ardrey Kell High School 
Arjun Modi  17 Arizona, USA  BASIS Ahwatukee 
Bernardo Rafael Silva Benítez  16 Veracruz, Mexico  Colegio Las Hayas 
Brandon Griggs  16 Florida, USA  Robert E. Lee High School 
Cristian Andrés Córdoba Silvestre  17 Ciudad Real, Spain  IES Dámaso Alonso (Puertollano) 
Derek Liu  14 California, USA  Torrey Pines High School 
Jeremy Yu  16 Texas, USA  St. Mark’s School of Texas 
Julia Moosikasuwan  14 New York, USA  Manhasset Secondary School 
Kamran Ansari  15 California, USA  Sage Hill School 
Kayla Sohn  16 New York, USA  Herricks High School 
Kegan Allen  16 Ontario, Canada  Sir John A. Macdonald Secondary School 
Keila Nunes das Neves  16 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil  Colégio Estadual São Francisco de Paula 
Munjir Anoar  14 New South Wales, Australia  Macquarie Fields High School 
Reva Gandhi  15 Pennsylvania, USA  Parkland High School 
SB Sanjeev Subrahmaniyan  15 Tamil Nadu, India  Shrishti Vidyashram Sr. Sec 
Sanjna Srinivasan  15 Sheffield, Massachusetts  Berkshire School 
Stephanie Wang  16 Texas, USA  Seven Lakes High School 
Tabeer Asif  15 West Midlands, United Kingdom  Al-Burhan Grammar School 
Vibin Vellanki  15 Minnesota, USA  The McCallie School 
Yanzi Chang  14 Hebei, China  Beijing No166 High School 
Yovela Adelina Budiman  16 Banten, Indonesia  Australian Independent School Pejaten 
Yuji Choi  16 Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea  Myunduk Foreign Language High School 



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