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Riddles of Reality: From Quarks to The Cosmos

Thursday, May 19, 2022
3:00 pm - 4:30 pm EST

As our quantum mechanical understanding of the microworld is refined, deeply puzzling mysteries persist. In this vibrant and wide-ranging discussion, Brian Greene probes current insights in the field and what they may mean for our future understanding of reality with Frank Wilczek, Nobel Laureate and 2022 Templeton Prize winner.


Brian GreenePhysicist, Author

Brian Greene is a professor of physics and mathematics at Columbia University, and is recognized for a number of groundbreaking discoveries in his field of superstring theory. His books, The Elegant Universe, The Fabric of the Cosmos, and The Hidden Reality, have collectively spent 65 weeks on The New York Times bestseller list.

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Frank WilczekTheoretical Physicist, Mathematician, Nobel Laureate in Physics

Professor Frank Wilczek is considered one of the world’s eminent theoretical physicists. He received the 2004 Nobel Prize in Physics for the discovery of asymptotic freedom in the theory of the strong interaction—key to several major problems in particle physics and beyond. 

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