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The Hidden Reality by Brian Greene Nominated for Prestigious Book Award

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On Tuesday, September 25, 2012 the Royal Society announced its nominees for the 2012 Winton Prize for science books, and among them was The Hidden Reality by physicist and WSF co-founder Brian Greene. The Winton Prize, established in 1988, recognizes the authors of science books written for lay audiences.

The judges had this to say about Greene’s book on parallel universes:

“Multiverses and quantum measurement are not easy subjects but Greene sets about giving insight through metaphor in a very enjoyable way. The Hidden Reality is a beautiful manifesto for exploring the outer reaches of scientific enquiry. You will not understand everything but you will enjoy trying.”

To find out what other books are in the running, and even read the first chapter of The Hidden Reality, check out the Winton Prize website

For more on parallel worlds and the nature of the cosmos, watch this video clip from the Ask Brian Greene blog series.



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