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Remembering Visionary Physicist and Best-Selling Author Stephen Hawking

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Cambridge University physicist and bestselling author, Stephen Hawking, will be remembered not for what he couldn’t do, but for what he could. Despite battling Lou Gehrig’s Disease for the majority of his adult life, Hawking’s mind freely soared up and out of his wheelchair into the mysteries of the cosmos. Applying quantum theory to black holes, he forever changed our understanding of space and time and laid the groundwork for the long-sought unified theory of nature’s forces. His landmark 1988 book, A Brief History of Time: From the Big Bang to Black Holes, has sold over ten million copies and catapulted him onto the world’s stage. The World Science Festival was proud to honor Stephen Hawking in 2010 at our annual gala, as well as host his wonderful daughter Lucy, seen here at the 2009 Festival, relating a personal story of her father’s discovery and how it intersected with her own childhood. We send her and the entire Hawking family strength and courage during this difficult time of mourning. We will miss you, Stephen. As will the universe.

Video Clip: My Father, Stephen Hawking

Video: A Tribute to Stephen Hawking

Video: Brian Greene Remembers Stephen Hawking


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