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Andrew Strominger

Physicist, Harvard
Breakthrough Prize

Andrew Strominger is the Gwill E. York Professor of Physics at Harvard University and a founding member of the Black Hole Initiative. He is a renowned theoretical physicist who has made path breaking contributions to classical and quantum gravity quantum field theory and string theory. These include his seminal work on Calabi-Yau compactification of string theory which provides a unified framework for quantum gravity and the theory of elementary particles the statistical origin of the Bekenstein-Hawking black hole entropy and the conformal symmetry of astrophysical Kerr black holes. Recently Strominger discovered an exact equivalence unifying three disparate phenomena which have been separately studied for the last half-century: quantum field theory, soft theorems, asymptotic symmetries and the memory effect. This equivalence has deep implications for infrared phenomena ranging from quantum electrodynamics to the black hole information paradox. He was awarded the 2017 Breakthrough Prize in Fundamental Physics for transformative advances in quantum field theory, strong theory, and quantum gravity, and the 2014 Physics Frontiers Prize in Fundamental Physics for numerous deep and groundbreaking contributions. In 2020, he received a Guggenheim Fellowship.

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