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Sarah Robertson

Producer, Director

Sarah Robertson is an independent wildlife and science documentary producer and director specializing in the Arctic for 20 years. In contributing to films like Planet Earth, To the Arctic, the Hollywood feature film, Arctic Tale, National Geographic’s Great Migrations series and BBC’s Frozen Planet, she has made dozens of filming expeditions into the North. Polar bears have tried to enter her tent, she swam with harp seals and whales under a frozen ice canopy and made friends with a walrus or two.

While in the North, Robertson has seen evidence of global climate change. Her recent focus is in finding ways to communicate these changes and shifts in what not long ago was considered an untouchable frontier. Now the Arctic is being transformed by warming, a rising thirst for oil and gas, and international tussles over shipping routes and seabed resources and is a hotbed for international political and economic disagreement. Her feature film, Arctic Tale was a first step in experimenting with the complexities of communicating effectually about how human impacts the environment and how wildlife and the environment respond. In 2007, Robertson was awarded the Lowell Thomas Award in recognition of excellence in exploring climate change.

Past Programs Featuring Sarah Robertson

Thursday, May 30, 2013 | 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm