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Friday, June 1, 2018
7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

Can the extensive knowledge and experience of the classically trained chef be trumped by culinary insights gleaned in the lab studying flavor pairings and chemical compounds? Join data-driven guest chef, IBM Master Inventor, and Watson Scientist Florian Pinel who will discuss how AI is changing the way we cook while participating in a cook-off with renowned chef Anita Lo. Afterwards, you’ll get to taste some of the creations from the mind of a machine.

Arrive at 7:00 PM to sample some unusual beer and snack flavor combinations and explore MOFAD before the program, which will begin promptly at 7:30 PM.


Shannon OdellNeuroscientist, Moderator

Shannon Odell is a Brooklyn based writer, comedian, and scientist. She co-hosts and produces Drunk Science, an experimental comedy show deemed “a stroke of genius” by Gothamist and a finalist in TruTV’s comedy break out initiative.

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Anita LoChef

Anita Lo is chef and restaurateur. In 2001, she was named by Food & Wine magazine one of ten “Best New Chefs in America”. She studied French Literature at Columbia University, but has never worked in any field other than the restaurant business, having been inspired by food while studying abroad in Paris in college.

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Florian PinelSoftware Engineer

Florian Pinel is a Senior Technical Staff Member and Master Inventor in the Watson Content and IoT group at IBM. He is the co-inventor of IBM Chef Watson, an application that uses machine learning and natural language processing to demonstrate computational creativity and suggest original recipe ideas.

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