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Space Junk: A Graphic Guide To Our Garbage Up There

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Where humans go, garbage tends to follow—and space is no exception. And much like the buildup of trash on Earth, the accumulation of junk in space poses a problem for future generations. Orbital debris, or space junk, is already posing direct threats to satellites and spacecraft: The International Space Station already has to sidestep dangerous pieces of trash, and satellite launches already have to factor debris into their timetables. All the spacefaring nations are trying to find ways to clean up the mess before the ever-growing clutter makes launches impossible. Here’s an introduction to the garbage orbiting hundreds of miles above your head:

Space Junk Infographic

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Ahmed Nijhum
Ahmed Nijhum

Can somebody wash my ashes into some aquifer...may be that way ppl will waste less water /:

Michael Barbrie
Michael Barbrie

i want to be Flushed Down the Toilet its a lot Cheaper!,..

Spencer Chua Jun Yu
Spencer Chua Jun Yu

That gives me an idea...I would like my ashes dispersed into the upper atmosphere. \U0001f610

Michael Barbrie
Michael Barbrie

space is Dangerous enough now they have to worry about being Hit by a Screw going faster than a Bullet!. EEK"!.

Chandra Sekharan
Chandra Sekharan

And me, I thought it is only Keralites who litter the space around with garbage!!!


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