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Sorting Through Our Space Junk


Space Junk Infographic

This infographic provides some insight into the litter we have scattered over space over the decades. Space junk, which scientists call orbital debris, poses direct threats to satellites and spacecraft. For instance, the International Space Station has to sidestep dangerous pieces of trash and satellites regularly factor in debris when deciding on a launch date. The countries that explore space are trying to find ways to clean up the mess before the clutter makes launches impossible. In the meantime, it’s helpful to know what’s up there.



  1. Chandra Sekharan says

    And me, I thought it is only Keralites who litter the space around with garbage!!!

  2. Michael Barbrie says

    space is Dangerous enough now they have to worry about being Hit by a Screw going faster than a Bullet!. EEK”!.

  3. Spencer Chua Jun Yu says

    That gives me an idea…I would like my ashes dispersed into the upper atmosphere. U0001f610

  4. Ahmed Nijhum says

    Can somebody wash my ashes into some aquifer…may be that way ppl will waste less water /:


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