Salon: This is Your Brain on Neuroprosthetics

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Salon: This Is Your Brain on Neuroprosthetics

Full Program: 2016 World Science Festival | 01:30:01

Original Program Date: Saturday, June 4, 2016

Featuring Engineer Elisa Konofagou, Neuroscientist Bijan Pesaran, Neuroscientist Philip Sabes, and Biomedical Engineer Sri Sarma with Neurosurgeon, Neuroscientist Guy McKhann Moderating

Paralyzed patients are starting to walk with the aid of exoskeletons and doctors are testing artificial retinas in the blind thanks to neuroprosthetics: surgical brain implants that restore some function in patients with severe sensory, motor, and even memory disabilities. Today, noninvasive brain stimulators that improve people’s attention are already available over the counter and over the Internet. But these tools come with consequences. Where do we draw the line between risks and rewards, particularly when individuals without physical or mental impairments take advantage of the technology available? In this Salon, we will take a deep dive into the burgeoning field of neuroprosthetics, its repercussions, and its life-altering benefits.



Guy McKhann

Neurosurgeon, Neuroscientist
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Elisa Konofagou_200px

Elisa Konofagou

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Bijan Pesaran_200px

Bijan Pesaran

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Philip Sabes_200px

Philip Sabes

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Sri Sarma_200px

Sri Sarma

Biomedical Engineer
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