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Brooklyn’s New Comet Splashes Down


The 2014 World Science Festival kicks off with a truly flashy arrival: a model comet on display in Brooklyn Bridge Park.


The Jet Propulsion Laboratory’s Visual Strategy Studio partnered with US Rosetta Mission at JPL, StudioKCA architect Jason Klimoski and the World Science Festival to create the comet, which is 9 feet high by 12 feet long, made of steel, and exudes a fine mist to mimic the comet’s tail.


The display is a 1:1000 scale model of the comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko (Comet C-G for short), which the Rosetta spacecraft expects to rendezvous with later this year.


Experts will show you how to make a “kitchen comet” with dry ice, dirt, soy sauce, baking soda, and more!


Scientists will also be on hand to help explain the theory that all the water on Earth may have come here on the backs of comets.


If you’d like to visit the comet, it will be installed in Brooklyn Bridge Park through Sunday afternoon. Check the World Science Festival events page for specific programming times.

Photo Credit: Greg Kessler



  1. Siniful says

    lovingviolence Only flaw in this plan: my family is already plotting to get Korean BBQ in NJ on Sunday. *woe*

  2. Siniful says

    dizzyswank I am thinking of stopping by REALLY early (or terribly late, depending on perspective) on Saturday morning.

  3. dizzyswank says

    Siniful ug, I’m not sure I can abide “really early”… I don’t do early on the weekends if I can help it. ;)

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