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Science and Storytime

Sunday, June 4, 2017
11:00 am - 5:00 pm

Books come to life in this special day-long science and story series. Meet top authors of children’s science books and students as young as eight who have won some of the world’s top awards. Then, have your books signed by participating authors and join students at Ultimate Science Sunday to interact with their projects.


Lynn BrunelleAuthor

A four-time Emmy Award-winning writer for Bill Nye the Science Guy, Lynn Brunelle has over 25 years experience writing for people of all ages, across all manner of media. Brunelle has created, developed and written projects for National Geographic, Scholastic, Random House, Penguin, A&E, The Discovery Channel, Disney, ABC TV, NBC, NPR, World Almanac, Cranium, and PBS.

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Seth FletcherJournalist

Seth Fletcher is chief features editor at Scientific American. His first book, Bottled Lightning, on the lithium-ion battery and the rebirth of the electric car, was published in 2011 by Hill & Wang/FSG. His next book, currently in progress, is about a group of astronomers and their quest to take the first picture of a black hole.

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Lesa Cline-Ransome & James RansomeAuthor and Illustrator Duo

James Ransome and Lesa Cline-Ransome collaborated on their first book together with a biography of Satchel Paige, an ALA Notable Book and a Bank Street College “Best Children’s Book of the Year.”

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Shana CoreyAuthor

Shana Corey has a flair for finding the story in history and making it fun. She was named a Publishers Weekly Flying Start for her first picture book, You Forgot Your Skirt, Amelia Bloomer!, which went on to inspire the American Library Association’s Amelia Bloomer Project.

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Jessica GarrettAuthor, Educator, Voice Artist

Jessica Garrett is a science educator/author and a voice actress who thinks kids are fabulous. She loved writing slimy, kid-friendly “ICK-speriments” with her co-authors Joy Masoff and Ben Ligon, in the truly disgusting, yet totally interesting, Oh Ick! 114 Science Experiments Guaranteed to Gross You Out!

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Jana GrcevichAuthor, Astronomer

Jana Grcevich is co-author of The Vacation Guide to the Solar System, a travel guide to the planets. She holds a PhD in Astronomy from Columbia University, worked as a postdoctoral fellow at the American Museum of Natural History, and is a data scientist living in New York.

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Olivia KoskiAuthor

Olivia Koski is head of operations for Guerilla Science, an organization that brings scientific discussion to unusual places. She began her career as an engineer researching high power laser systems for Lockheed Martin before moving to New York City to pursue a science journalism master’s at New York University.

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