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World Science Festival Arrives in Brisbane, Australia in 2016

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Come for the sun and the sand. Stay for the string theory and the space-time.

A collection of the world’s leading thinkers on subjects like astrophysics, string theory, and much more will gather in Brisbane, Australia, this coming March for a full slate of conversations, performances, and events that all explore what makes our universe tick.

Fans of science have a lot to choose from.

The World Science Festival Brisbane will feature an opening night performance of “Light Falls” featuring physicist and World Science Festival co-founder Brian Greene. “Light Falls” celebrates the 100th anniversary of Einstein’s discovery of the general theory of relativity using state-of-the-art animation and innovative projection techniques.

Emmy Award-winning actor and writer Alan Alda will be in attendance for a performance “Dear Albert”, a reading for the stage he wrote that delves into the treasure trove of letters written by Einstein, tracing an intimate and unfamiliar line across his life and work.

Two programs scheduled for the third day of the festival will bring bright minds together for conversations about big questions. Australia’s Nobel Prize-winning astrophysicist Brian Schmidt sits down with Brian Greene. If that sounds fun but dark energy is more your thing, you’ll want to add “To Infinity and Beyond: The Accelerating Universe” to your list.

Weighing opposing theories about how the universe might one day rip apart is fun, but younger attendees might get a bigger kick out of Cool Jobs. During this event, an engineer who works at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory will share the stage with a professional stuntman and an expert in paleontology to highlight the wide-range of careers science can lead you into.

Researchers at the Queensland Museum will host a flatback turtle hatching demonstration. Apprentice programs will offer a hands-on introduction to a long list of specialities including paleontology, quantum physics, marine biology, sports engineering, art conservation, robotics and gaming.

The World Science Festival Brisbane runs from March 9 until March 13, 2016.

Image: Greg Kessler


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