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Photo of the Day: This Little Light

05/25/15See Comments

The rays of light that shine through clouds have a special name: crepuscular rays. And although the rays appear to be converging, that’s just a...[Read! More]


Photo of the Day: Winter Pond

05/24/15See Comments

The lily pads on a lake have roots just like other plants—they just reach to the muddy bottom below the water....[Read! More]


Photo of the Day: No Oasis

05/23/15See Comments

Though it’s one of the driest places on Earth, Africa’s Namib desert is home to all kinds of wildlife. Some of its residents include African...[Read! More]


Share Your Favorite Upcoming #WSF Program … and Maybe Win a Pet Bandana!

05/22/15See Comments

Love science as much as you love your pet? You’ve got a chance to win a free World Science Festival pet bandana! Here’s how to...[Read! More]


This Week in Science: Ancient Tools, Neural Implants, Bear-Sized Aliens, and Chickens From Hell

05/22/15See Comments

Seven days, lots of science in the news. And many of this week’s most notable and quotable items tie directly to our 2015 festival programs. So...[Read! More]

Texture and Pattern of a stone structure

Photo of the Day: Blue Marble

05/22/15See Comments

Marble forms when limestone or chalk is altered by high temperature and pressure. It is usually found in the boundary regions where tectonic plates crash...[Read! More]

Feature_Crytography_800x494_02_507065943 copy

Keeping Secrets With Quantum Mechanics

05/21/15See Comments

 “Human ingenuity cannot concoct a cipher which human ingenuity cannot resolve.” —Edgar Allan Poe, 1841 Unbreakable codes are the holy grail of secure communications—and the...[Read! More]


The Two-Legged Ape

05/21/15See Comments

From an anatomical perspective, one of the most profound steps on the path of human evolution was the transition from four legs to two. (This...[Read! More]


Cheers to Science! It’s Been 5 O’Clock Somewhere for 10,000 Years

05/21/15See Comments

The 2015 World Science Festival program Cheers to Science: Something Old, Something Brewed will offer several beer tastings and premiere a recreated ancient brew on Thursday, May 28, from...[Read! More]


Photo of the Day: Fire in the Whole River

05/21/15See Comments

It’s easy to see how Wyoming’s Firehole River gets its name. This tributary of the Madison River runs through some of the major geyser basins...[Read! More]