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Paul Davies

Meet Paul Davies, The Man Who’ll Greet the Aliens

04/25/14See Comments

...chair of SETI’s Post-Detection Task Group since 2005. As we discover more and more Earth-like planets (including the celebrated Kepler 186f, the first Earth-size exoplanet...[Read More]


Climate Change: What Will The Humans Do? (Part 3)

12/24/14See Comments one person, its overall behavior and impacts unified, at least temporarily, and any unruly renegades or outliers in the little group suppressed or sidelined....[Read More]

climate march_CC_15126725147_b619253e14_o

The Most Important Climate Change Question of All: What Will the Humans Do?

09/22/14See Comments

...climate scientists say are needed to avoid catastrophe? Will we instead break up into frightened self-protective national groups and fiefdoms as temperature, sea level and...[Read More]


Instant Reaction: The Illusion of Certainty – Risk, Probability and Chance

06/04/11See Comments

...of 10 dentists. Really? What does that mean? Opening with an audience-powered experiment the crowd demonstrated how a reasonable group of people might be convinced...[Read More]

African Elephant cutout

Climate Change: What Will The Humans Do? (Part 2)

10/31/14See Comments

...theory that our genetically evolved human nature includes a tendency—all else being equal—to cooperate, and at times even sacrifice, for the good of whatever we perceive...[Read More]


What Are the Odds That You Understand Odds?

06/12/15See Comments

of probability since Mlodinow was not in any of the high-risk groups. Fortunately for Mlodinow, his test result turned out to be a false positive....[Read More]


A Short History of Probability

10/28/15See Comments

...Odds, which opened with this video about probability’s improbable history and the 18th century theologian-cum-mathematician Thomas Bayes—a true wizard of odds—whose mathematical dives into probability changed the world …...[Read More]


The Illusion of Certainty: Risk, Probability, and Chance

06/17/11See Comments

...Your best friend from Boston met your other best friend from San Francisco. Coincidentally. What are the odds? Risk, probability, chance, coincidence—they play a significant...[Read More]


One Gene to Rule Them All? The Trouble with Explaining Altruism

06/11/12See Comments

...of “group selection.” This is the idea that genes for altruism persist by benefiting the entire group. Here, altruistic traits persist by helping groups multiply...[Read More]


Enlightened Neurons: Can Meditation Beef Up Brain Regions?

06/26/14See Comments delay the aging process. The study could not confirm if the brain changes were a direct result of meditation, though. To this end, Lazar’s...[Read More]