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2016 Gallery: Big Ideas and Big Prizes on Day 2

06/03/16See Comments

Day 2 at the World Science Festival included a morning announcement the prestigious Kavli Prizes and a night full of personal stories at Lincoln Center....[Read More]

"Planet of the Humans: The Leap to the Top" opened with an excerpt from Blanca Li's hit show "Robot," where the organic and mechanic perform a playful pas de deux.

Big Ideas at the 2015 Festival [Photo Gallery]

06/11/15See Comments

...highlights from 2015’s Big Ideas programs. University of Oxford physicist Artur Ekert (left) and MIT engineer Seth Lloyd talk about quantum uncertainties in "Here, There,...[Read More]

Photo by Greg Kessler.

High Honors for Big Ideas Set the Tone for a Fascinating Festival

06/03/16See Comments

...prestigious academic journals and onto the stage as part of The Big Ideas series. Inside the Lynch Theater at John Jay College, moderator John Hockenberry and...[Read More]

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Infographic: Big Numbers Count

03/04/15See Comments

...they’ve played an important role in a variety of activities. But they tend to be manageable (even if counting can present a challenge). But what...[Read More]


Science and Story Café: a Menu of Big Ideas

06/01/14See Comments

Science authors took center stage at the World Science Festival’s day-long Science and Story Café, a series that brought writers and readers together for a...[Read More]


Cosmological Inflation: A Primer

07/15/15See Comments

Alan Guth put it, “Science is an arena of competing ideas and right now inflation is by far the most widespread idea in cosmology.” In WSF14’s “Ripples...[Read More]


Is This Bomb Big Enough?

08/17/14See Comments big enough?” In real life, Bohr posed this question to Oppenheimer, but the message Isaacs hears is identical: How certain can these scientists be that...[Read More]

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Searching for Genius in the Brain

08/09/11See Comments

Brain research on creativity conducted by the Mind Research Network, courtesy of Rex Jung Genius is a big concept to get one’s head around. I...[Read More]

Credit: Marius B via FlickrCC

What The Data Lords Know About You

05/22/14See Comments

...Strogatz , Andrew Lo and Seth Lloyd  at “ Go Figure: Predicting The World With Math ,” part of the Big Ideas series at the...[Read More]