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World Science Festival Media Hub

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and Science MindsThe Wall Street Journal (June 2, 2013) “The event was the first dinner of its kind for the World Science Festival, now in...[Read More]

Paul Davies

Meet Paul Davies, The Man Who’ll Greet the Aliens

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chair of SETI’s Post-Detection Task Group since 2005. As we discover more and more Earth-like planets (including the celebrated Kepler 186f, the first Earth-size exoplanet...[Read More]


Climate Change: What Will The Humans Do? (Part 3)

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even deny or belittle the huge problem as they struggle with various personal problems or pressures, perhaps even form a tiny clique of denialists within...[Read More]

Credit: Abdul Rahman via Flickr CC

8 Stellar Stories For Your Next Stargazing Trip

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African queen Cassiopeia earned her place in the heavens. In one common telling of it, Cassiopeia boasts that both she and her daughter Andromeda were...[Read More]


Last Chance Tourism: Nine Places to See Before Climate Change Takes Them Away

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coral cover since 1985. The cause is not rising sea levels, but another insidious side effect of climate change: ocean acidification. Reefs are as fragile...[Read More]


The Long Shadow Of The Manhattan Project Part I: The Atom Bomb And Science

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The price tag of the first nuclear weapon was a mere four years, 130,000 people, and $26 billion (in 2014 dollars). But what did the...[Read More]


Typical American Diet Can Damage Immune System

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...fed pregnant female mice a high-fat, low-fiber diet representative of typical fast-food fare, while a comparison group ate regular chow. The offspring of the mice...[Read More]


Festival Moments

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had.” —Astronomy Magazine (6/1/2015)   #WSF15 on Social Media: More Minds Blown On Wednesday … Space Exploration: Reaching New Heights, Spark of Genius, and More...[Read More]

African Elephant cutout

Climate Change: What Will The Humans Do? (Part 2)

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theory that our genetically evolved human nature includes a tendency—all else being equal—to cooperate, and at times even sacrifice, for the good of whatever we perceive...[Read More]


How Film Music Shapes Narrative

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is a special contribution to the program The Art of the Score: The Mind, Music, and Moving Images , a co-presentation by World Science Festival...[Read More]