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Welcome to the Mathematical Universe

11/07/11See Comments

Look around you. Underlying every aspect of the world is a language that we all know, though our use and expertise may vary. This language,...[Read More]


Looking Through the Eyes of Mathematics

11/09/11See Comments

Is it possible to deduce the shape of the universe without stepping outside of it? Henri Poincaré thought so. Similar to how the Greeks were...[Read More]


Can Math Be Beautiful?

11/08/11See Comments

What is it about Euclid’s infinite primes that rocks Simon Singh’s world? What makes math different from the rest of the sciences? Listen as he...[Read More]


Process and the Mathematical Revolution

11/08/11See Comments

How do mathematicians work? We’re not asking whether they run on sandwiches or rocket fuel, but rather, “How is a mathematician’s work done?” Is it...[Read More]


The Origin of Numbers

11/07/11See Comments

Where did math come from? Which numbers arose first? Did math develop the same way across cultures? While the details are fuzzy, history shows that...[Read More]